Most unscientific and absurd concepts and notions still dominate the mindset of many who ‘represent’ homeopathy on international platforms, and are known to be “great advocates” of homeopathy. They raise questions about the ‘scientificness’ of modern science, and engage in ‘scholarly’ discourses regarding the futility of science and scientific method! All sorts of ‘pseudoscientific’, ‘spiritualistic’, ‘energy medicine’ theories are propagated, which undermine all the scientific credentials of homeopathy. They mix up homeopathy with all those nonsense ‘treatments’ practiced under CAM umbrella. DISTANCE HEALING, HAIR TRANSMISSION, PC RESONANCE REMEDIES, DREAM PROVING, MEDITATION PROVING, REFLEXOLOGY, DOWSING, RADIONICS…. list of occult practiced and propagated in the label of homeopathy is really mind blogging. And our friends declare that all these people belong to ‘homeopathic community’, as they are “institutionally qualified homeopaths”!!

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